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24/7 virtual care now available to your employees

Your clients’ employees with Kaiser Permanente coverage can now talk with a clinician 24/7 by video or phone in most areas. This makes it even easier to get fast, high-quality care — at no cost to members on most plans.

Plus, when employees connect by video or phone, their visits get tracked in their electronic health record. That means other clinicians can continue making informed care decisions and streamline follow-up care.

To get started, members can sign in to or the Kaiser Permanente app and answer a few questions to help us learn about their symptoms. We’ll recommend how members can get care quickly—either by phone, video, or both. Where available, members can also see estimated wait times to help them choose the best option for their needs.

Clinicians are available to deliver care to the member based on their needs. During the visit, the clinician will update the member’s health record to help coordinate follow-up care.

Daytime, nighttime, anytime. That’s care at a speed of your clients’ workforce. To learn more, visit or contact your Kaiser Permanente representative.